The best parks and nature reserves in Cantabria

Although knowing remote places, located thousands of kilometers from home, has its appeal, sometimes we are just as satisfied or more satisfied to travel to undiscovered corners even within our borders . National tourism, which is practiced without leaving Spain, can be a very interesting option for this summer.

Therefore, if you decide to stay at home, you will realize that you really have a problem: it will be very difficult for you to choose a destination, given the incredible number of amazing places that our country has. To help you, we reveal some of the secrets of one of the Autonomous Communities that attracts the most visitors: Cantabria , a paradise.

The powerful beauty of nature

There was a promotional slogan that read Cantabria Infinita and, when you meet it, you realize that it really is. Because the beauty of its landscapes, its green and lush valleys, and its wonderful beaches is infinite. Today we want to tell you about one of the most special treasures of Cantabria: its natural parks . Knowing them will be a great way to spend your summer holidays in full contact with nature.

Cantabria has nothing less than a National Park, five Natural Parks and a Nature Reserve. The first, the Picos de Europa National Park, was declared in 1995 and occupies around 65,000 hectares that also extend through the lands of Asturias and Castilla-Le贸n.

As for the Cantabrian Natural Parks, they are the Saja-Besaya Natural Park , the Oyambre Natural Park , the Liencres Dunes Park , the Pe帽a Cabarga Natural Park , and the Collados del As贸n Park . Each with their own identity. Mountains, marshes and groves, beaches and mountains … An endless string of natural wonders that are worth knowing. Finally, make a space to visit the Natural Reserve of the Santo帽a and Noja Marshes , of great beauty and which is also a refuge for aquatic birds.