The most popular tourist destinations for this summer

The year 2021 is also marked by covid-19 . It is not yet known very well if it is going to be possible to travel to another country, go to the beach, move within one’s own province or autonomous community … The initial forecast is that the summer months may be more normal than the situations experienced lately. And this seems to show because people start to think about summer . At least that is how it is reflected in the visits and consultations to tourism websites and in the search for destinations, although, then, it is still only to dream. Whatever it is, what is preferred for this summer 2021? Exotic and traditional destinations coexist perfectly.

The most popular

Among the most popular destinations, five are the main references for these summer months. First of all, there is Bali . This Indonesian island continues to gain followers to travel and take a few days of relaxation, enjoying landscapes as characteristic as its volcanic mountains or its beaches with its coral reefs and, even, its more than well-known rice fields.

Second is a classic. It’s about London . This UK city continues to rank as one of the favorite destinations for this summer. At the moment, it seems that the Brexit or exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union has not had such an impact, at least, in terms of tourism. One more year, it is estimated that thousands of people will be able to head to this cosmopolitan city, which perfectly combines antiquity with the most extreme modernity and the latest trends.

And another very popular destination is Dubai , in the United Arab Emirates. It seems that in recent years, at least in terms of Spanish tourism, it was not one of the favorite places to travel. However, now, it is once again among the most popular, according to data released by Tripadvisor.

The fourth place is for another of the most classic destinations: Rome . And it is that this city of Italy so old and with so much history continues to captivate the majority of people from all over the world. One more year it is like that again. Its well-known monuments such as the Colosseum or the Roman forum and its squares such as Spain or Narbonne, together with the atmosphere of its streets and its rich gastronomy, are all a plus to head to the city.

And, finally, in fifth place is another classic destination. We are talking about Paris . The capital of France continues as another of the main tourist focuses for this summer. There is no shortage of attractions, the Eiffel Tower being one of the largest, as well as the Gothic cathedral of Notre Dame. A city that is also famous for its shops, ideal for shopping, and its gastronomy.

Other options

In addition to the most popular destinations, there are also other places that arouse interest. Among the emerging or that are attracting the most travelers is Martinique in the Caribbean, which is an ideal destination to disconnect and forget about everything.

Also quite relaxing and very ideal for disconnecting is Panama City Beach , in Florida, an area characterized by its good weather and its miles and miles of white sand beaches.

Within Brazil, now, the most emerging destination is Búzios , where there is a resort by the sea, located east of Rio de Janeiro, which is ideal to get lost, just like Holbox Island , which is in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula, in the state of Quintana Roo of Mexico. Obviously, it has fabulous beaches.

And another good option that is generating interest is St. Ives , in the United Kingdom. Specifically, this coastal town has a beach port area. Its environment is ideal. Not surprisingly, it is in the county of Cornwall.