Monaco, the second smallest state in the world with a lot to see and do

Monaco is well known for its royalty and for such curious facts as the fact that it is the second smallest state in the world. A small size that is not an impediment for there is much to see, do and enjoy in an environment that combines the charm of the Alps and the blue color of the Mediterranean Sea. A place that, in addition, stands out for its quality of life and good living, according to many surveys, to which other attractions such as a rich gastronomy are added because it has around ten Michelin stars in a radius of about two square kilometers.

What to see

Tradition and modernity can be a good way to define Monaco. This principality is a destination that remains true to its DNA, but is moving towards modernity.

It is a combination that is observed in its structure and key architecture in elements such as the Belle Epoque of the Place du Casino or the more contemporary atmosphere that permeates Monte-Carlo One. To enjoy the architecture, you must visit the Castle district , that carries until the Middle Ages.

In addition to art and beautiful architecture, Monaco is also considered one of the world’s centers of luxury , although it is an element that rubs shoulders with sustainability and responsibility both in large hotels – they already constitute a tourist route-, as in the famous spas that it hosts or the events that are celebrated worldwide and that are famous all over the planet.

A sample of luxury is observed in its marina where it is easy to see the yachts of sheikhs and billionaires. This image contrasts with that of summer, a time when fast food stalls proliferate, delighting children and the most common tourism.

And, of course, you shouldn’t miss another attraction: the changing of the guard , which takes place every day on the esplanade in front of the Grimaldi Palace. An appointment that is at 11:55.

Other attractions are the oceanographic of Monaco and of course the famous Monte-Carlo Casino , which is a meeting point of luxury and glamor.