Cercedilla: nature in its purest form near Madrid capital

When you live in the city and you need to be in contact with nature or disconnect , it is not necessary to go very far or plan long trips, at least sometimes because there are towns and areas that allow you to breathe fresh air and forget about everything while traveling. few kilometers. It is an option that is available, for example, for people who live near Madrid , who can escape to Cercedilla , located in the Sierra de Guadarrama . A destination that is also ideal for all people seeking total contact with nature, even if you have to add a few more hours of travel.


If Cercedilla is known for something, it is for its natural wealth . In its environment there is abundant water and an abundant flora and fauna , which is also very varied and whose maximum exponent is in the Fuenfría Valley .

Among the species stands out the pine , which is the most important tree in the area, although it is also worth looking at the oak forest, which is of great value. In the nature walk, we also find other species such as poplars, broom, yew, juniper or heather, as well as holly. They are species that intermingle with bushes and grasses .

As for animals, this area is also rich in fauna . Mammals, birds, insects, amphibians and reptiles coexist in this environment along the different routes that exist and that can be traveled and in which the passer-by comes across viewpoints to enjoy unparalleled views.



Despite the importance of nature, Cercedilla also has an important artistic and cultural heritage . For example, Roman remains such as the road and the bridges stand out.

You can also see religious architecture such as the Church of San Sebastián and the Ermita de Santa María , dating from the seventeenth century. They are historical works that are intermingled with other more current ones such as the constructions of the 19th and early 20th centuries . Among them are the Summer Colonies, the Plaza de Toros, the railway station or the so-called Fábrica de la Luz.