Summer holidays in Spain

Every year we look forward to the vacation period to be able to rest, see new places or simply disconnect from work and visit family or friends who live in other cities. Holidays are what we like the most of the year, whatever the date, although almost everyone takes them in summer to take advantage of the good weather. Among the destinations that you can visit on vacation, tourism in Spain is growing a lot, and with the crisis it is not possible to go abroad so much and you have to look for other options.

In any case, in our country we have true wonders that have nothing to envy to any foreign country. If you want to enjoy your summer holidays in Spain but do not want a destination where you are going to be very hot, take note of these tips so that you can enjoy them to the fullest and that you do it in a totally healthy way:

Flee the heat : In our country there is a great diversity of climates, so if you are one of the people who cannot stand high temperatures, you should decide on places like Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, the Basque Country, the Pyrenees … all of them with a nature spectacular and where you will rarely encounter extreme high temperatures.

Travel by car : If you are going to make your trip by car, check the air conditioning in advance to make sure it works since you will spend a lot of time in the vehicle with more people and the heat can be very concentrated if you do not bring the cold air. Also take soft drinks for the trip, for every two hours at most to stretch your legs and do not eat very large meals when you go to drive.
Feeding in summer : Be very careful with what you eat in summer since there are foods that with the heat can negatively influence your body. Fruits, gazpacho, vegetables and fresh foods are the best choice to face the heat.

Beaches : If you are going to travel to a destination that has a beach, avoid those that are very crowded, especially on weekends, since overcrowding in some hours is totally unbearable. You can choose the less crowded hours that are usually the first hours of the morning or after 6 in the afternoon, which is when people start to leave.

Reservations : Organize your trip in advance and make reservations for everything in advance to ensure that there will be no problems later. This is especially important in hotels, flights, restaurants or any show, especially those that tend to have a high occupancy. In addition, by reserving everything in advance you will get better prices and your trip will be much better organized, so you will make better use of your time.