Children will not be able to travel in Malaysia Airlines Premium Class

These days, we have been able to read a news item in the international press that may be interesting for you if you intend to travel with your children with Malaysia Airlines . The fact is that the airline has become the first to prohibit babies from traveling first class on its planes. This ban will be extended to its new aircraft, the Jumbo A380s.

The CEO of the company, Tengku Azmil , has explained that he will not install any type of accessory so that the little ones can travel in that area of ​​the airplanes. Parents who wish to fly with their children with Malaysia Airlines will have to limit themselves to doing so in Business or Economy class, so why not first class?

In a discussion with the followers on Twitter a few days ago, Azmil explained that the decision has been difficult, but that the main problem with taking babies in first class is that many people have complained of not being able to sleep because of the crying of the Children during flights: As these airlines rely heavily on Premium class travelers, they have not thought twice and have ended up making a decision.

The truth is that the official statement has not left anyone indifferent, since the interests of people who travel alone for business have prevailed over the needs of families. Last month, the British travel agency Thomson Holidays launched a new vacation package called "Thomson Couples" a new experience in which the company guarantees a holiday in which couples will not find children at their destination.