Escape with the car to spend an unforgettable New Year in Paris

Paris show
Going to Paris by car requires patience and several breaks during the journey, it is true, but the adventure is worth it. I can tell you from experience, since I had the opportunity to visit the city of love with my parents driving a Fiat Bravo from Barcelona to the capital of France, where I could soon enjoy the beauty of its streets, the majesty of the Tower Eiffel and the sweetest bites thanks to the famous macarons .

Will not leave you indifferent

For the day to day it is a city that is very good, and to spend a vacation it is simply perfect . Especially if you have a very full pocket, because most restaurants in the city tend to be quite expensive. Of course, alternatives to eat cheaply you will always find them in certain neighborhoods, but do not make the mistake of thinking that you are in Bangkok because you will be disappointed.

A gift for the five senses

What can be even more idyllic is spending the New Year in Paris . Saying goodbye to the year that is leaving and welcoming the year to come on the Champs Elysees must be something spectacular. Throughout the 2.4 kilometers that link the Arc de Triomphe with the Plaza de la Concorde, anyone can toast with champagne (no cava in those parts) in the light of the moon while hugging their loved ones. dear.

The pyrotechnic show is always up to the task, and to top it off, nothing better than tasting the papillotes , very characteristic chocolates that are presented in an unmistakable shiny packaging. All you have to do is turn your back on the Eiffel Tower to take an unforgettable selfie , a selfie that you have to take to print so that you don’t get lost among the hundreds of photos that our friends send us on WhatsApp.

Elysian Fields

Secure your trip

If the idea of ​​spending the New Year in Paris has convinced you and you are willing to take the car to go there, I recommend you go through a review of the general points and make sure that your car insurance is in order. If the one you have does not convince you and you are looking for one made to measure, you should take a look at those offered by companies such as La Mutua, which give you the possibility of selecting all the coverage you want, from the most basic to the most complete. I encourage you to read more on the subject.

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