The magical and bucolic Valle Baztán in Navarra

Valley of Baztan Navarra
Do you want to continue knowing wonderful corners of our country? Well, as your wishes are orders for us, after talking to you about the most beautiful medieval towns in Spain, today we are going to show you a natural space in the north of the peninsula that is worth visiting. We are referring to the Baztán Valley , a space that we could define as magical, bucolic, misty, traditional and beautiful.

Located in the heart of Navarra , it is considered one of the most well-preserved landscapes in the entire community. Do you want to discover more details? Well, you know what you have to do! Do not miss anything that we tell you below!


The Baztán Valley is a tremendously beautiful natural Pyrenean landscape, as well as being very attractive for its culture and traditions. It is located between the ports of Belate and Otsondo and is home to fifteen towns. These are Oronoz-Mugaire, Arraioz, Irurita, Almandoz, Berroeta, Aniz, Ziga, Lekaroz, Gartzain, Elbetea, Arizkun, Azpilkueta, Erratzu, Amaiur-Maya and Elizondo, considered the capital of this municipality. It is important to bear in mind that it is considered the most extensive valley in Navarra, as well as being one of the best preserved.

Valley of Baztan Navarra1

Its natural beauty

There are many attractions that this region hides. How could it be otherwise, one of them is its natural beauty. And it is that you can contemplate beautiful green and squared meadows, lush forests, high peaks … We want to highlight Bértiz , a natural park of about 2,000 hectares that is located right at the entrance of the valley and that houses a very well preserved native forest. On the other hand, you must bear in mind that the best views are obtained from the viewpoint located in Ziga, from the Otsondo port and from the top of Gorramendi. Of course, we also have to talk about the Zugarramurdi cave, a karst complex pierced by a stream that runs through the main cavity. It is about the Hell Regatta. Today, this and other caves are shrouded in legends, mystery and magic.

Historical heritage

Another attraction of the valley is that you can see the traces of history in practically every corner. Thus, for example, you will be able to discover the Izpegi dolmens or the Erratuzu-Alduides megaliths, which demonstrate the existence of prehistoric settlements in the area; fortress-towers and palaces of cabo de armería, which bring us closer to the times of conflict in the late Middle Ages. Among the most notable buildings are the Casa Jaurequizar in Arraoiz, which has become a tourist accommodation; the Jarola and Ascoa palaces, in Elbete; the Arizkunenea palace, and the Puriosenea house of Elizondo.

Baztan Valley Navarra2


On the other hand, it is important that you bear in mind that the Baztán Valley is a good place for hiking. Of course, you should know that the trails that you can find here are quite simple. In addition, in this beautiful area of ​​Navarra you can visit different museums, discover active mills, taste the delicious gastronomy of the area and contemplate first-hand how many traditions have been maintained until now, such as the use of musical instruments such as the txalaparta, the typical dances or the generalized use of Basque. Of course, visiting the different villages of the valley, you will be amazed at the traditional Navarrese mansions, the cobbled streets, the quiet atmosphere and its many festivals, ball competitions or brotherhood meetings. Finally, we want to remember that it is a valley surrounded by legends and mythological characters. Then we leave you with our gallery , where you will find more images of the beautiful Baztán Valley. Do not miss it!