The most popular destinations in summer

Where do we Spaniards travel in summer? Well, logically, when choosing a vacation spot, citizens demand, above all, the offers of sun and beach on the coast and on the islands.

Now that winter is giving its last blows and that many of you will already be planning the next vacations, at Vuela Viajes we want to tell you about the most popular destinations to travel during the summer season. For this we are going to base ourselves on the latest study carried out by the accommodation and flight reservation portal with lower prices, Can you come with us?

The islands, the most requested

Tenerife and Ibiza are the destinations that harvest the highest number of reservations made by tourists during the summer. In reality, as might be expected, the coast is, in general, the predominant element in the selected destinations. Thus, the areas of the archipelagos manage to take over most of the ranking , with the presence of other islands such as Mallorca, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Menorca and Gran Canaria.


In Europe and the peninsula

We also have to highlight two European destinations such as Malta , in third position, and the Portuguese Algarve, in sixth place, which are the only foreign destinations in the top 10. Among the most popular destinations in summer, there is also the Costa del Sol, which is the only one of the peninsula integrated in the list.


If we look at the cities, Madrid is the one that occupies the first position, ahead of other important capitals such as Paris, Prague, Lisbon and Rome. And as for long-distance destinations, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Miami, in this order, are the most requested.

Dominican Republic
Which of these corners of the planet would you like to escape to next summer? Well , hurry up and book your holiday!