The cheapest rental houses for summer 2014

Cheap holiday homes
Are you already planning your vacation for next summer? It’s the best you can do! And it is that the sooner you book your flights, accommodation and other parts of your trip, the cheaper it will cost you everything. Regarding accommodation, you can choose between different options (hotels, campsites, apart-hotels …), although, without a doubt, one of the best alternatives is to rent a vacation property for the whole family.

Now, the travel website TripAdvisor has made a comparison of the average weekly costs so that you know where to find the cheapest houses this summer 2014 (from July 1 to September 15) for one, two, three and four bedrooms. The study has been carried out taking into account more than 77,000 properties. We will tell you which destinations are the cheapest below!

The cheapest destinations

If you prefer to rent a house to spend your holidays, the cheapest destination is Galicia , followed by Extremadura and Murcia, where the average price for one-bedroom homes is 235 euros.

Cheap Holiday Homes1

The most expensive destinations

However, the most expensive holiday homes are found in the Balearic Islands , Catalonia and the Basque Country, ranging between 400 and 578 euros per week per room.


If you want to spend your holidays outside of Spain, you will be interested to know that the place where you will find the cheapest houses is Florida , with an average cost of 258 euros per week in one-bedroom apartments, while Cancun offers an average price of 431 euros.

Cheap Holiday Homes2
In Europe, one of the cheapest destinations is Rome , with an average price of 461 euros, while the most expensive capital is London, where you will not find homes for less than 867 euros a week.