Why not travel to Islamic countries during Ramadan

Are you already planning your summer vacation? Well, you must choose the dates and places carefully if you don’t want your trip to be a real disaster. And there are countries that it is better not to go in the middle of the summer season.

For example, it is not entirely advisable to travel to Islamic countries during Ramadan , which is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, internationally known for being the month in which Muslims practice daily fasting from dawn until sunset for their believes. Do you want to know what you can find in countries like Dubai, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and a part of Thailand in the Ramadan period? Coming up next, we tell you!

During ramadan

Many people do not take this into account when planning their trips, but the truth is that during Ramadan, in Islamic countries many shops close or only open at noon. On the other hand, keep in mind that eating between sunrise and sunset could be a problem. Also, it is important to know that breakfasts among the local population are usually noisy and at five in the morning, before the sun rises, so you may be awakened.


After Ramadan

It is also important to note that during Eid al-Fitr , which is the holiday after the fasting month of Ramadan, many Muslims go on vacation; Indonesians from Java and Sumatra retreat to Bali; Muslims in India travel across the country to visit relatives; Malaysians go to local beaches or to Thailand; the rich Arabs of the Gulf escape to any more or less Islamic country… All this means that, after Ramadan, all transport tickets may be sold out or have exorbitant prices; that hotels, especially cheap ones, are full; and that the beaches are overflowing.

Therefore, we advise you to leave your trip to Islamic countries for another time of the year.