Tips for traveling by motorhome

Traveling by motorhome
What have you decided for this year’s summer vacation? A few weeks in a mountain campsite? A stay in a seaside hotel? Renting a house in some corner of our beautiful country? Well, if you still have nothing decided, today we are going to propose another option: a trip in a motorhome . How about?

Traveling by motorhome is a unique experience. And is that the independence that provides being able to move with the house in tow is ideal for the more adventurous, who will be able to forget the typical worries of travel: where to sleep, where to eat, where to rest … Of course, to start a trip in this vehicle, you should take into account the following tips.


Unless you have a luxury motorhome, your vehicle will allow you to live a normal life for two days (a calculation made taking into account the usual water consumption for four people). After this time, you will have to spend the night in a campsite to provide drinking water and electricity to the vehicle and empty the dirty water tank. Some service areas have dispensers to fill motorhome drums.

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Don’t forget to …

It is important that you do not forget to bring sheets and a wide range of kitchen utensils (if it is for rent, they will probably charge you for these services separately); pillows; bathrobes instead of towels; a flashlight; a mixer and a toolbox. Also, it’s a good idea to bring canned or preserved provisions of your favorite meals in the trunk, arranged in boxes so they do not move.

Collect information

Before going on a trip, you should collect information about the places you plan to visit, since it is possible that, among other things, you will have to pay tolls or buy vignettes (stickers that prove that you have paid the tax for the use of the highways). In addition, you should know that in trains or boats the Police may go up to inspect the vehicle.

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Finally, it is important that all occupants are seated and wearing their seat belts during the journey. In addition, it is recommended that children and people who get dizzy easily sit in the squares that are arranged in the same direction of the road. If you have any emergency, such as a robbery, remember that the 112 emergency phone works throughout Europe.