Grüner See, an underwater park in Austria

Gruner See7
Today we move to a truly magical place: the Green Lake of Austria . It is actually a collection of water that only lives up to its “lake” status when it floods in the spring.

However, in winter, the Grüner See (that’s what it is called in German), is a beautiful park surrounded by trees where you can fully enjoy nature without needing oxygen cylinders or fins, since the depth is only two meters of draft. Do you want to know more about this curious lake? Well, watch out!

An ideal place to dive

When the spring thaw begins, the land of the place begins to fill with water until it is totally unusable due to being flooded. At least, it cannot be "used" if what is intended is to walk around the place, but if you get a wetsuit , it is the perfect place to disconnect from stress by sitting on one of the benches that has been submerged.

Gruner See9

A depth of up to twelve meters

Thus, the shallow depth of the Green Lake in winter can increase up to twelve meters. The water that the Grüner See is filled with comes from the limestone mountains of Hochcschwab in the Austrian region of Styria (south-eastern Austria, near the town of Tragöß), and has become a real tourist attraction for tourists. diving lovers.

A varied fauna

In the lake you can see a varied freshwater fauna, among which we find small crabs, trout or snails. And outside the lake, you can see a fantastic setting of limestone mountains. Of course, without a doubt, one of the reasons for the fame of the Grüner See is the incredible color of its green and transparent water.