Travel to Doha

We can say that the true history of Doha began after the discovery of oil and the independence of Qatar in the 20th century. Oil has given the city (home to more than 80% of the emirate’s population) and Qatar great wealth. It is considered the richest Arab country, with a per capita income of more than US $ 40,000 per year. Over the past few decades, this “visualization” of wealth has been brought to fruition by the construction of gleaming skyscrapers and massive office buildings.

The problem is, now the government is starting to look at the oil reserves they have left in the long term, in order to make such a wonderful place continue to “grow”. In short, although the city’s tourism authorities deny it, Doha is trying to "make itself a Dubai." They reinvent themselves every day with the inauguration of great hotels, restaurants and places specifically designed for tourism.

Billions of dollars are being invested in a new airport . The rapid expansion of the state airline Qatar Airways is causing many tourists to discover a place as wonderful as well as unknown as Doha. You should not miss a visit to The Pearl , a kind of urbanization distributed in artificial islets.

You will also find beautiful tourist attractions to visit, not just skyscrapers. You cannot leave without taking a tour of the dunes area. It may not yet measure up to Dubai or Qatar, but Doha is also undoubtedly thought “big”.