Coronavirus: what about train tickets?

The COVID-19 health crisis has not only made air travel difficult, it has also affected train travelers . The people who had purchased the tickets have extraordinary mechanisms and measures that RENFE has enabled to solve this extraordinary situation caused by the coronavirus .

The main measures

From RENFE, different measures have been articulated in the face of this extraordinary situation of COVID-19. One of them is the cancellation of all the tickets that have been acquired to travel during the validity of the State of Alarm .

This measure, which is applied from 00:00 on Wednesday March 18, contemplates the return of 100% of the suspended tickets to all travelers. Thus, all tickets are returned regardless of the type of fare that has been paid.

Later trips

For those tickets that will be purchased to travel on dates after the State of Alarm , the change or cancellation can be made . The measure also applies to tickets of all fares, including those that do not contemplate the possibility of changes, such as the Promo and Mesa. The tickets are also exchanged or cashed at no cost.

In these cases, people can choose to change the ticket to travel on later dates or receive their cost in RENFE points or request the new ‘Return Code’ to purchase another ticket for the same amount from May 1 until May 1. December 31st.

In addition, there is the possibility of full reimbursement for tickets that have been purchased and are fares Promo +, Round, Flexible, Mesa, Gold, Young, Trade Fair and Congress and all reimbursable.

Likewise, it applies to tickets purchased for the Avlo train purchased with the supplement for changes and returns. Within the Avlo trains, there are some exceptions because the automatic refund does not apply to those tickets of the launch offer or promotion of five euros. Yes, a discount code is delivered.