Discounts on PortAventura tickets

Port Aventura discounts
Did you know that PortAventura is one of the 10 best amusement parks in the world? Not us, but TripAdvisor that, as you know, draws up its prestigious lists based on the opinion of its own users. Therefore, we are not surprised that each year it is visited by millions of people. In 2013, for example, the figure of 3.4 million visitors was exceeded. It is said soon!

The only bad thing about this Tarragona amusement park is that the entrance is not cheap at all. From the website you can buy Junior and Senior tickets for 39 euros and adult tickets for 45 euros. In addition, the option to buy a ticket for two days from 48 euros and for 3 days and two parks from 64 euros is included. On the other hand, there is the possibility of buying night tickets, which are on sale for 22 euros. The good thing is that by moving a little you can find cheaper tickets. We will tell you how to get discounts at PortAventura below!

Different websites

One of the best ways to get discounts for PortAventura is on its website, where they often offer very interesting promotions . In addition, on pages like Groupon or Letsbonus they also usually add 2 × 1 offers from time to time. Of course, you should bear in mind that they are usually limited in terms of time.

Jove card

As always, in the Jove Pack (Young Pack) that they offer you if you have the laCaixa Youth Card (Youth Card) you will find 2 2 × 1 vouchers valid for the entire season. The only thing you will have to do to enjoy the promotion is to buy an adult ticket at the park’s ticket offices and hand over the corresponding card and voucher. In addition, when you use the vouchers you can continue to enjoy discounts. Only by showing the card you will save 35% of the ticket price.

discounts Port Aventura1

For being LKXA

As if that were not enough, now just being from the LKXA you can enjoy a 35% discount on the purchase of three adult tickets. Of course, you will enjoy the discount as long as you buy your tickets from ticketmaster . You will also get the Club Ara and Multiestrella cards.


Chupa Chups also gives you the possibility of getting a cheaper entry. And is that by buying 3 bags of Gomis with attached promotional label you will get 20 euros discount. You will only have to deliver the bags with the label at the lockers. The offer will be valid until January 6, 2015, so you must hurry to enjoy it.

Racc partners

One of the advantages of being a member of the Racc is that you can get a discount of 10 euros for the purchase of an adult ticket from the park ticket offices. Of course, the promotion will only be available until January 6, 2015.

discounts Port Aventura2

Affiliated to CCOO

Members of CCOO will also enjoy a discount of 10 euros on each ticket (for a maximum of 4 people). In addition, one member and three companions can enjoy this offer. Of course, it is mandatory to prove the affiliation with the presentation of the affiliate card. In addition, they recommend bringing the latest installment receipt or a certificate. The offer will be valid until January 6.

Travel agency

Finally, you should know that some travel agencies also offer advantages when purchasing your ticket to the park, especially if you are looking for entrance packages plus a hotel. Some of these agencies are Barceló Viajes or Viajes El Corte Inglés.