The largest open cave in Spain opens in Burgos

If you do not have plans for the December long weekend, today we are going to propose one: visit the largest cave that can be visited in Spain. How about? And it is that as of next November 16, the Palomera Cave , located in the Natural Monument of Ojo Guareña, which covers land in the Burgos municipalities of Espinosa de los Monteros, Merindad de Montija and Merindad de Sotoscueva, will be able to be visited.

With more than a hundred kilometers of underground route and 2,492 meters that can be visited, it is the largest cavity in Spain and one of the most developed in the world. Do you want to know more details about this cave in Burgos?


Two itineraries to visit Cueva Palomera

The Palomera Cave is located on the fourth level of the six floors that the speologists of the Edelweiss Speleological Group (GEE) have distinguished throughout the karst complex. It is the star project of the European Charter Action Plan and allows the visitor to visit part of the underground network sector formed by the Palomera Cave and Ramp, the Edelweiss Room, the Main Gallery, the Sima Ailments, the Chief’s Room and the Wax Museum.

After carrying out an investigation, two itineraries have been designed, one of 1.5 kilometers and the other of 2.5, compatible with the conservation of this space. Of course, the maximum group of people per visit will be 25, a total of 80 throughout the day.


Ojo Guareña Natural Monument

The Ojo Gaureña Natural Monument is located north of the province of Burgos , on the southern slope of the Cantabrian Mountains in the Merindades region. The monument occupies 13,850 hectares and is made up of a set of cavities whose main network consists of 110 kilometers of surveyed galleries, which makes it the most developed edokarst in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the largest in the world.