How to save money traveling in Southeast Asia

Do you want your next vacation destination to be somewhere in Southeast Asia? A great choice! Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos or Thailand are countries that, in addition to hosting dreamy corners, are the best destinations for any trip with a tight budget, which is the one that most of us have in these times of crisis.

However, the cost of transport, travel and souvenirs can make you pay more than expected, so here we are going to give you some tips to save money on your trip to Southeast Asia.


As for transportation through Southeast Asia, we recommend that you choose buses or night trains, since tickets are cheaper and the trip is relatively comfortable (most trains have bunk beds or reclining seats and air conditioning. This way you will save One night’s accommodation and you will not have to sacrifice time during the day that you could invest in other things. Of course, we recommend that you choose seats instead of bunk beds, since the latter could be full of bed bugs. In addition, you will have more space in the seats vital and are cheaper.


Food and drink

As for food, you should know that in the streets of Southeast Asia you can find fresh and cheap food, since vendors buy their fresh products every morning in local markets. And when it comes to food, we recommend that you choose the local if you can break your budget.


Haggling and taxi

One of the keys when traveling through this area is haggling in the markets to pay the best price for anything. No need to be ashamed! In addition, we recommend that before getting into any taxi you set the price and try to ask for a discount . Be aware that many drivers go around and around travel agencies and hotels trying to convince travelers to book a tour or change accommodation.