Cambodia’s best beaches

Cambodia is a small country that is in Southeast Asia and has about 14 million inhabitants. It achieved independence from France in 1953 and each year it is getting more tourism thanks to its innumerable attractions. Despite the fact that there are many historical monuments and magical places to visit in each city, today I would like to write about its beaches, undoubtedly perfect places to spend a few days off or to combine cultural tourism with relaxation.

Although there are many and it is very difficult to choose, there is no doubt that the following are among the best beaches in Cambodia :

Serendipity beach

It is in Sihanoukville , a seaside town with several beaches and about a 4-hour drive from Phonm Penh, the capital. It is a very quiet beach with white sand and warm waters where you can find various services such as restaurants, bars, beauty centers or rental of nautical equipment for surfing, windsurfing or simply for a ride on a jet ski or boat. On this beach there is a great nightlife with various shows and parties.

Sokha Beach

It is a private beach that belongs to the Sokha Beach Resort, the most luxurious in Sihanoukville. 2 kilometers of white sand where you can enjoy a day at the beach in complete tranquility. You have to pay to enjoy it, but it is the best beach in the area so it is worth it.

Victory Beach

On this beach you will find the best attentions and services in the whole country, and that is one of the less touristy beaches, which makes it perfect without a doubt since you will enjoy a lot of tranquility without having many people around. It is the most indicated if all you want is to relax in the sun and not be overwhelmed by the influx of tourists and noise that may be in other more touristy beaches.