The beautiful island of Naxos in Greece

In VuelaViajes we have already talked on occasion about the spectacular nature of the Greek islands , very popular in recent years thanks to the many cruises that cross them and that have become fashionable. Today I will take you to the island of Naxos , one of the most spectacular and magical of all there are in Greek territory. It is the largest island in the Cyclades archipelago and it is very mountainous, but it also has many beaches of all kinds.

Naxos perfectly combines relaxing on the beach with entertainment, both night and day, and after a relaxing day enjoying the sun you can visit one of the many leisure places where you will experience all the glamor and luxury of the island. Greek. Very popular are also all its discos, among which Bikini, Noto, Ocean or Opera stand out, which is considered the best on the island.

In the capital, which is also called Naxos but which many know as Chora , there is also a great variety of very interesting monuments so that you not only enjoy the beach but also see the most interesting of the island’s history. It has a port with a large entrance door called Portará, which symbolizes the Venetian towers that are spread throughout the area. That Portará is the best that remains of the Apollo temple, which is still unfinished, although that is what gives it more magic and spectacularity.

Throughout the island you will also see many archaeological finds of great importance. The island has an area of ​​almost 430 square kilometers and there are 26,000 inhabitants, a number that increases when the holiday season arrives since many Greeks have a little house there to enjoy the summer.