The advantages of traveling in EVO class

EVO-road class
What do you ask of a trip so that it is complete and leaves a great memory in your memory? As is logical, I imagine that you do not want to have complications and you will want everything to go smoothly from day one. It is what anyone expects from an adventure or relaxation trip during a getaway or during their summer vacations.

This is precisely why we want to recommend the advantages of traveling in EVO class , which is a very pleasant experience that EVO Banco customers are already enjoying. It is up to you to join them.

Your trips, easier than ever

One of the advantages of traveling in EVO class has to do with the money you get back after booking accommodation on through the EVO app . They reimburse you up to 4% of the amount, a percentage that will be even higher until August 31 in a series of accommodations selected by Booking, since they offer you an additional 15%. It’s not to be missed!

EVO cards
EVO Travel Cash is another of the great advantages of traveling in EVO class. Why? Because when it comes to traveling to a non-euro zone, you will have more possibilities than you imagine when it comes to obtaining money. You can order more than 80 foreign currencies and they will be sent to you within 24 to 48 hours for free and at the best price guaranteed without a minimum order. It may not seem to be true, but it is.

How could it be otherwise, wherever you are you will always have an EVO ATM close by , which is greatly appreciated. In addition, thanks, it is also great news that they make available to their clients a travel recommender who asks you a series of questions before telling you what your ideal destination is.

Finally, you should know that you can travel without being overwhelmed by the money you have in your checking account, since with the EVO class you can travel when you want and pay when it suits you. You choose whether to pay at the moment or in installments depending on what suits you best at all times, so everything is easy .