Advantages and disadvantages of making travel reservations by mobile

New technologies, especially next-generation mobile phones, have made life a little easier for all of us. In a matter of seconds we are able to contact anyone who is on the other side of the world, we can buy any type of item with just one click and making travel reservations has never been so easy.

For some time now, for example, making a flight reservation through a smartphone means handing over the phone to the staff at the boarding gate, without the need for papers. In addition, there are applications that allow you to organize all the information related to a trip, such as "Triplt". However, booking via mobile has advantages, but also several drawbacks. We tell you about them below.



The main advantage of booking trips through your smartphone is that you save time and money. Today there are different applications designed for mobile phones that generally have the most essential information. In addition, hotels have added promotions for their mobile apps , which allow reservations to be made on the same day and with significant discounts.

On the other hand, it allows greater freedom and flexibility , since reservations can be made at any time and place, without having to be seated in front of the computer. In addition, the mobile GPS knows your exact location, so it can easily find nearby places of interest.


However, when traveling you have to be careful with roaming service charges, which can be exorbitant. Also, many of the travel apps are still under development and still take a long time to load, consume precious minutes and space for data allocation, and consume a lot of battery in a short time.