Advantages and disadvantages of rural houses

The other day I wrote a post about rural houses and what things should be taken into account when choosing them. Today I would like to touch on the subject again but to focus on its advantages and disadvantages, so that you can assess both and know if a rural house is the best option for you. Choosing a suitable accommodation is essential when you go on a trip, either for a vacation or for a couple of days of rest or work in another city.

The place you choose has to offer you everything you need for each specific trip, since we do not always need the same accommodation. For example, when I go to All Inclusive I want a luxurious hotel that offers me everything, but when I go sightseeing in a city it serves me with a normal hotel since I will only be there to sleep.

The advantages

One of the main ones is that the accommodation is totally independent , so you will not have to share any part of the house with anyone, in addition to being able to not be disturbed by the noises of other tenants. Another very important is that it is in a natural environment with beautiful landscapes that offer guests a lot of tranquility, something perfect if you want to disconnect from the madding crowd for a few days.

In the rural houses you will feel "at home" much more than if you were in a hotel since you are really in a house, with all the comforts and freedom that this implies. Another great advantage is their price since they are usually much cheaper than hotels, in addition to that there is usually greater availability.

The disadvantages

They are not a good option if you are going to be more than two weeks since the rural houses are usually in small towns far from big cities, so you can get a little bored if you stay too long. Another disadvantage is that you will have to take care of cleaning and making the beds and food, something that you do not have to do in a hotel and that you have to take into account to analyze if they compensate the holidays by having to "work" at home.