Types of cabins on cruise ships

In Vuela Viajes we have talked to you on several occasions about cruises , currently being one of the most used forms of travel thanks to the fact that you can visit several cities and even countries in a very short time. In addition, today’s ships are true floating cities, so that during the trip you will enjoy all the comforts you may need and you will have all kinds of entertainment offers.

One of the most important things that you must take into account when choosing a cruise is the cabin, since it will be the place where you live for several days, so it has to have all the comforts you need for it. The cabins are divided into four categories, all of them with different prices and characteristics so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

Inside cabins

They are the simplest and the cheapest, and also the ones with the least benefits. They are rooms that are very good since they have a bed, wardrobe, bathroom, television and almost always a small sofa. The only downside is that it has no windows , so it can be a bit claustrophobic, especially if the cruise lasts longer than a week. Its size is that of a normal room that you can find in any hotel.

Outside cabins

They are the same as the interiors but they have a window , although it is only so that the light enters and you can see through it since it cannot be opened. Despite being the only difference they have with the interiors, they are a bit more expensive since a window on a boat gives a lot of life.

Exterior cabins with balcony

They are larger than the previous ones and have the great advantage that they have a small balcony , perfect to be able to sit and enjoy the sea without having to go out to any of the decks. They are more expensive than the others but without a doubt it is worth investing a little more and being able to have a small balcony where you can relax or have a drink at some point of the day while you have the whole sea at your feet.


Depending on the company, they may also be called "Superior Cabins" . They are the most expensive and the size varies a lot, as does the price. There are the simplest ones of 30 square meters or spectacular ones of more than 300 that have up to a piano or several rooms, also having balconies, windows and all kinds of luxuries and comforts.