Offers to travel on the December bridge

Christmas is just around the corner but, before the most beloved holidays of the year arrive, we still have the opportunity to make a little getaway. As you may have imagined, we are referring to the December long weekend , which many lucky people have the opportunity to enjoy.

Although many take advantage of these holidays to do Christmas shopping and decorate the home, we are going to propose that you escape to one of those corners that you have always wanted to know. Of course, to make it easier for you, we are going to show you some of the most succulent offers that can be found on the net at the moment. Would you like to join us?

London with Logitravel

Undoubtedly, the December long weekend is a perfect time to get to know some of the main European capitals, since all of them are already prepared to receive Christmas and, therefore, they look even more beautiful. If you want to go to London, one of the most popular destinations during these dates, you can do it from 429 euros (468 with car) thanks to Logitravel. And the company has launched an offer for 4 days and 3 nights that includes flight plus hotel (specifically, the Royal National ). The departure is from Madrid on December 5. Of course, if you don’t mind paying something more, you can choose other hotels and dates. During these days, it will give you time to see some of the most important corners of the city: Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster, the London Eye … You will discover more information about the points of interest in London in our article “Essential visits in London ”. Of course, in Logitravel you will find many other offers for other interesting destinations: Tenerife, Paris, Lisbon, Rome …


Tenerife with Viajes El Corte Inglés

If what you want during these cold days is to escape to a warm destination, a good option is to travel to one of the wonderful islands of the Canary Islands. There are many companies that offer interesting offers to visit them, but we want to show you one that we have found in Viajes El Corte Inglés for two people. Includes the flight departing from Madrid on the 5th and the return on the 8th, and a double room at the Hotel Escuela Santa Cruz de Santa Cruz de Tenerife . The best thing about the hotel is that it is located in the center of the city and only 11 kilometers from the center. During this getaway you will not only be able to enjoy the climate and the beaches of Tenerife, but you will also be able to do a lot of excursions. We give you more information about it in our article "Excursions in Tenerife".


Morocco with Destinia

Would you like to take advantage of the December long weekend to discover an exotic destination? Well, you will not have to go very far, since Morocco is very close to our country. Of course, travel agencies also offer us interesting offers to get to know this corner of North Africa. Destinia, for example, offers a package that includes the ferry from Tarifa to Tangier and from Tangier to Tarifa; and a guide for the entire tour, which includes Casablanca, Marrakech, High Atlas, Rabat and Tangier. Best of all, the package also includes a 3-night stay in selected accommodation and board, 3 breakfasts, 3 dinners, basic travel insurance, and transfers from the port to the hotel and from the hotel to the port. Of course, it does not include the drink in the meals. You can enjoy this package from 245 euros. Of course, in Destinia you will find many more interesting offers.