How to avoid scams in hotel, hostel and apartment reservations


Unfortunately, scams exist in a world where there are people who try to take advantage of others in any way. So that these vacations are not the worst of your life and you do not feel cheated , it is convenient that you know how to prevent a scam before staying with the face of a fool. The Internet makes it possible to lower costs, which makes the offers increasingly attractive, but it also facilitates the proliferation of this kind of crime .

Advice on the reliability of establishments

1- If the price of the hotel, hostel or apartment is very low compared to other similar places, you have to be suspicious because there is something that does not add up. Scammers try to get the lowest price in the category they offer so that large numbers of people will fall for it.

2- You have to make sure that this establishment has already been hired by other users who have even given their opinion about the stay they have enjoyed there. Logically, in new establishments that is impossible to contrast. Another good way to do this is by contacting the administrator of the Community of Owners.

3- Check if the offer is on several web pages that are dedicated to collecting establishments. If it appears on a page of recognized prestige such as Atrapalo or Booking, it will usually be more trustworthy. If it only appears on a home page made with very little grace, it is best to distrust more than usual.

4- Always have the fly in your ear with all those establishments that do not show their faces, those that put problems to talk on the phone or are never there. Scammers often look for a more distant and cool e-mail contact.

5- Hotmail, gmail or yahoo domains are less trustworthy. Normally the establishments usually have an email address with the name of the company for completion.

6- Search in forums and ask as many people as you can about the establishment you plan to hire. It is the best way to be calm.

Tips to make the payment

1- If the advertiser wants you to pay immediately and you see that they are in a great hurry, be suspicious. Western Union, MoneyGram, Bidpay and the like are their preferred systems. Although they are legalized ways of paying, they are dangerous because they are the ones used by scammers.

2- Before paying any deposit or deposit, make sure of the return conditions.

3- Payment by credit card is highly recommended. If you want to make a bank transfer, first make sure that the advertiser is trustworthy.

4- Never give personal and financial information. By this we refer to DNI, account number, paypal data, social security number or PIN codes.

Action in case of scam

1- You always have to save the reservation data, all the e-mails and documents that you have received during the reservation process.

2- File a complaint as soon as possible and explain everything that has happened to you. Press all the information you have about the scammer. You can also report the scam online through You will have to go to the National Police station to sign it. You can also call 91 582 29 00 or send an e-mail to [email protected].