The favorite destinations of the famous

Famous people have the opportunity to visit the most fascinating places on the planet. However, there are some that we can all travel to without having to be someone we know. One of these destinations is Hawaii . Celebrities are ready to be pampered with a relaxing getaway to these super popular spots. The Travats, Keanu Reeves, along with Megan Fox and her beloved Brian Austin Green are just some of the stars who travel to Hawaii most often.

Another destination is Cabo San Lucas , Mexico. Mexico is the general buzzword when it comes to celebrity getaways. Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place to have fun and relax on the beach . Jennifer Aniston is probably one of the most loyal fans of this place.

Las Vegas, the city with a notorious reputation for its gambling palaces, offers the best refuge for many of our favorite stars. Lauren Conrad, Holly Madison, along with Paris Hilton, Usher and Leonardo Di Caprio, generous sums are spent in the area. Traveling a few hours from Las Vegas we find ourselves in Mallorca . According to experts, the best celebrity parties are held here. Bruce Willis, Simon Cowell, the Beckhams, along with Antonio Banderas, often have fun at the occasional party.

It seems that sun resorts aren’t the only popular destinations when it comes to celebrities . Pop high society is also keen to go shopping and visit London . Despite the rainy weather, you can always see celebrities like Sienna Miller, Emma Watson, Jude Law and Keira Knightley.