The five best options to fly in Business Class

Traveling by plane does not always mean enjoying a totally pleasant experience depending on the company and the flight chosen due to the lack of space, the lack of specific services such as being able to watch movies on screens in the seats or leisure alternatives for long journeys … These are common situations, especially when traveling as a tourist. But, contrary to what many people think, flying in Business Class is not always a luxury experience either . There are also differences between companies. Here we have made a selection of the five best flights in Business class.

The flights

The best experience to fly according to many travelers is the one offered by Qatar Airways QSuite . The reasons for being in this position are in its seats of almost 55 centimeters wide and 200 centimeters long in bed mode .

In addition, it offers a wide variety of pillows , padded cushions , nightwear and slippers, as well as a goose down duvet. It also has a private space that can be customized according to the needs of each traveler to work, play … Precisely, to avoid boredom, around 4,000 options are offered.

It is also at the top of the Singapure Airlines ranking, which offers several advantages in its new Business Class A380 . Among them is the fact that the seats are made of very soft, hand-stitched leather from Poltrona Frau. They are also fully reclining to become a bed.

The center seats have a divider , which can be raised all the way, removed or placed in the middle depending on the level of privacy you want to have. Thus, if you like, it is possible to enjoy a double bed .

Other advantages of this Business Class is the 18inch screen with over 1,000 entertainment options. In addition, WiFi and personalized food service are available, allowing you to choose in advance from a wide range of food and beverages. Passengers also have slippers, eye masks and products at their disposal in the bathroom.

Next we have to talk about the Emirates A380 Business class, which has large personal spaces , monitored blackout curtains and a mini bar near the seat. Other services are also offered such as a chauffeur to travel to and from the airport, a lounge on board to relax or the purchase of Bulgari products .

The Business class ANA also ranks at the top for the spacious seats, which also make for very comfortable beds in which to lie down fully . The design of these spaces offers ample foot space. Everything is accompanied by rich Japanese cuisine , a large monitor for entertainment and kits with L’Occitane products .

EVA Air’s Business class is also in the top positions on the list. Its main characteristic and difference with other flights and companies lies in the seating arrangement . And it is that they follow an inverted herringbone pattern with which total privacy is guaranteed. In addition, they are quite spacious because each chair measures 66 centimeters wide and 198 centimeters long.

This company offers passengers different products and services, including pajamas from Apujan , which is a London designer brand, as well as a courtesy kit containing products from Rimota or Salvatore Ferragamo .

The food , of course, does not detract. In addition, the advantage is that it does not focus only on food from Taiwan, where the company is from. The menu includes gastronomic proposals from around the world . Among them, there are some Taiwanese culinary delights such as, for example, Din Tai Fung pork dumplings. However, if you have a request or something very specific, it is possible to reserve food for the flight in advance thanks to the Book The Cook service.