Ross Borden, an entrepreneur who deserved to be in the #DockersChallengers series

To talk about Ross Borden is to talk about a Dockers challenger who has been able to fulfill his dream of creating a great company with only $ 11,000 in savings. How? With great enthusiasm and never giving up; doing what he likes the most and showing that he is not afraid of anything because he is an entrepreneur with all the letters.

The perfect union

Dockers identifies with him and has made him the protagonist of its autumn-winter 2018 campaign. They consider that the founder of Matador Network embodies those values ​​that make Dockers one of the most admired brands in the world.

The Smart Series has convinced Ross Borden

What they did was put the comfort and flexibility of the Smart Series products to the test, and for that, nothing better than packing up and traveling around the world. For a reason, Ross Borden is the owner and creator of one of the largest independent communication companies in the travel industry.

Matador Network started as a project for which there was a very limited budget. In addition, Borden had no experience in creating web pages and had not been in charge of any business, so for him it was quite an adventure that grew thanks to his efforts .

Today Matador Network generates 90 million video views per month. And not only that, but they create content and campaigns with influencers for brands such as Subaru, REI, Chevy, Destination Canada, Visit Costa Rica, Visa and Intel.

A total of 60 people work at Matador Network, but that number will not stop growing if everything goes so well for them. What they are clear about is that they will never stop innovating and that they will not lose sight of what has brought them to where they are now: "The journey is the people."