The most important cities in the world

That of cities in the world! All are important for some reason or other, but none reach the level of the 10 that you will see in this article.

The list is based on a report published by the American consultancy AT Kearney , which has prepared its Global Cities Report analyzing several variables that have been divided into five categories: business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural activity and political commitment.

New York, USA)

New York
The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, is not one of the most desired by tourists by chance. It is cosmopolitan, open, civilized and modern. It has numerous monuments and spectacular skyscrapers, as well as being a place full of opportunities where more than one goes to live the American dream. In short, it is more than one of the most beautiful cities in the world .

London, United Kingdom)

What to say about London that hasn’t already been said by now. The capital of the United Kingdom captivates you from the beginning for its great cultural and leisure offer. It is impossible to get bored and it is not surprising that one always wants to return to visit its most emblematic neighborhoods.

Paris France)

The Eiffel Tower is a symbol, a unique tourist attraction that makes Paris one of the most visited cities on the planet every year. Besides that, we cannot deny the architectural beauty of the French capital, the same one that makes one not stop being constantly surprised when walking through its streets.

Tokyo Japan)

When you go to Tokyo, and Japan in general, you realize that it is a very special place. Why? Well, because people are tremendously educated , to the point that you can reserve a table in a restaurant by leaving your iPhone like someone who leaves an old jacket that they think is not going to be stolen. Beyond that, it is a city that perfectly mixes the traditional with the most innovative.

Hong Kong (China)

Talking about Hong Kong is talking about business . Many entrepreneurs travel there to close multi-million dollar deals. And not only is it, but it also receives the visit of millions of tourists every year for reasons that go beyond the economic.

Los Angeles United States)

The Angels
New York is great, but Los Angeles… It has practically everything: luxury shops, high-end restaurants, spectacular beaches and much more. Normal that the wealthiest celebrities want to move there, specifically to Beverly Hills, which is not a neighborhood, but a city in Los Angeles County.

Singapore (Singapore)

Singapore competes with Tokyo, Hong Kong and Beijing, which are the Asian cities that always come to mind when it comes to talking about business. The capital of the country that bears the same name has a port that is one of the largest in the world, which has allowed it to become one of the most important financial and industrial centers in Asia.

Chicago (United States)

It is the third city in the United States to appear in the ranking of the most important in the world. It is not usually on the list of travelers’ objectives, but it is convenient to know that it is one of those cities that always exceed expectations for everything it is capable of offering tourists.

Beijing (China)

He has organized an Olympic Games and the truth is that I am not surprised. In Beijing they are tireless workers and they are making China become the main economic power on the planet. You will not like the pollution at all, but you will appreciate that mix of skyscrapers and temples that extol the beauty of the capital of the Asian giant.

Brussels, Belgium)

I end up with a surprising city. Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is not usually in rankings of this type, but the consulting firm AT Kearney has considered it appropriate to include it due to the exchange of information and political commitment (there is the headquarters of the European Union).

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