Three experiences that you cannot miss in Greece

Greece is one of the tourist destinations par excellence. And it is not for less because it has many charms both on the islands and in its interior area. It is always usual to go to see the most touristy things, but it is a country that allows you to live unforgettable experiences even in these points that every tourist visits for the first time. What can be done? Here we tell you three experiences to enjoy authentic Greece .


Whoever goes to Athens always goes to the Acropolis. And it is true that it is a must, but you should not miss going to the Acropolis Museum , which was launched in 2008 .

This building is characterized by being modern, but by having a careful contemporary architecture. As soon as you see it, the concrete and glass structure is striking , which provides an unusual transparency towards the outside.

In addition, its proportions are based on those of the Parthenon, highlighting in turn the orientation so that from the main rooms you can enjoy a real view of the Acropolis and the Parthenon.

Inside you can see sculptures , pieces of the buildings of the Acropolis … And, of course, you should not miss the Hall of the Caryatids to see the columns in the shape of a woman that supported part of the Temple of Erechtheion of the Acropolis.

Plaka neighborhood

Strolling around and seeing specific areas of Athens is also a must when visiting Greece. In this case, we enter the Plaka neighborhood , which is considered the historic center of Athens.

This area has great appeal. For example, if you look at the neighborhood from above, it looks like an oasis in the heart of Athens. If we go into it, there is a whole network of alleys and squares linked by stairs, forming like a labyrinth .

The route forces you to go to Lisiou and Mniseklours streets , which are also always very lively thanks to the cafes, shops … and their striking taverns called ouzerís where you have to make a stop to eat typical dishes such as mezedes or Greek tapas, as well as moussaka, tzatziki or saganaki, among other proposals because, the truth is that Greek gastronomy is very wide and rich in tapas, dishes and desserts.

Meteora monasteries

A highly recommended visit is Meteora for being a quite picturesque area. And it is that on the earth they appear as vertical rocky masses , reminiscent of the geology of other planets.

On these rock peaks, the retreat and prayer monasteries were built in the 14th century. The advantage is that, today, there is no need to climb because stairs and accesses have been installed to reach them with less effort. The view from above is impressive.

Specifically, six monasteries can be visited, although if time is short, the best options are the Great Meteor , which is the largest, and Varlaam . Within them, the refectory of the Great Meteor is striking, which is perfectly preserved and reflects the loneliness of monastic life. In both cases, there are frescoes in very good condition that are a real delight for art fans.

The visit can be completed with a short drive – there is a distance of about ten kilometers – to the city of Kalambaka from which there are magnificent views of Meteora and all its hills.

On this excursion, it must be borne in mind that these places live monks and nuns. Some of them can be seen, although in a limited way because they are closed and only a few can have contact with tourists. Of course, to do these routes, you have to have a little patience and care because the roads are winding.