These are the airplane seats of the future

Times change and everything evolves. Technology allows us to improve many things in our daily lives and that is something that we notice as travelers . Without going any further, today’s airplanes are safer than those of yesteryear due to the technological advances that have been carried out, although it is true that there are critical voices in this regard, since with so much automatism pilots stop learning manual techniques that can be of vital importance when electronic failures occur.

Leaving aside that aspect, which can be used for more than one article, it should be noted that airplanes will continue to improve in other aspects such as comfort. I can assure you after seeing the Move seats , which are completely customizable thanks to their smart textiles.

The revolution will not reach all companies, or at least it will not do so in the short or medium term. I say this more than anything because it seems unlikely that we will see Move seats on planes like Ryanair’s, in which it is difficult to say that you travel comfortably.

Airbus is willing to bet on these seats in its next commercial aircraft without causing a loss of passengers. They are aeronautical seats in the prototype phase that occupy little space and are capable of offering a lot, since the traveler can download an application to control the seat mode ("sleep", "massage" or "eat) and receive information on stretching that can be done. they can come in handy during the journey. You can change the pressure, tension and temperature of the seat to travel on demand, although the available legroom will remain the same.

Layer , the company that has been responsible for its development, explains that the rear center island of the seats can be adjusted to the height and size of the passenger, while the tray can be extended without fear of disturbing. As if that were not enough, there is space to support a mobile phone or a tablet to enjoy a movie.

More advantages? There is storage space between seat and seat, so you don’t have to carry your laptop or camera on your feet. In addition, these compartments will also be connected to the app , so if you leave something behind, you will receive a notice.

On the other hand, they say that the Move seats are lighter (it saves fuel and the environment is grateful for it) and they have covers that can be easily removed to wash them between flights. What more could you ask for without being for business class?

Photos of Move seats