Free sightseeing in Edinburgh

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of the United Kingdom is Edinburgh , the capital of Scotland, where you can find beautiful medieval neighborhoods, museums where you will discover a good part of history, beautiful landscapes in the surroundings and all kinds of cultural activities .

Best of all, the best things to do in Edinburgh are free, so if you are thinking of taking a getaway to a European capital, the Scottish capital may be one of the best options. Today at Vuela Viajes we tell you all the things you can do for free in Edinburgh. Would you like to join us?

Tour the Old Town

Old town
Did you know that the medieval neighborhoods of Edinburgh have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO? We refer to the Old Town (old city), the most touristic place in the entire city for bringing together most of its attractions. Thus, walking through its streets will be an incredible experience, among other things because you can walk through the narrow alleys located on the sides of the main avenue, the Royal Mile. We refer to the closes , which are usually decorated depending on the activity that takes place there. In addition, you will be amazed by the compact constructions, the painted roofs, the vaults and the underground passageways.

On the other hand, as we have just mentioned, in the Old Town you will discover some of the city’s greatest attractions, such as the Edinburgh Castle , the Palace of Holyroodhouse or the National Museum of Scotland. Of course, we also recommend that you visit the New Town, located next to the "old city".


St mary
If you travel to Edinburgh you will have to visit its two famous cathedrals: St Giles and St Mary . The first one is actually a church and is located on the Royal Mile. It is surprising for its stained glass windows, the organ and the Thistle Chapel. Of St Mary, an authentic Gothic-style cathedral that is located in New Town, highlights the stained glass window, designed by Eduardo Paolozzi, and a relic of the patron saint of Scotland, St Andrew. In both churches he offers free concerts.

Don’t miss the museums

National Museum of Scotland
One of the things we like the most about this city is that most of its museums offer free tickets to visit its permanent collections, which is what, in reality, you will want to see if you visit Edinburgh for the first time. Among the most interesting are the National Gallery of Scotland, with paintings by Rembrandt, Gauguin, Monet and Goya; the National Museum of Scotland , a must-see to the city not only because it represents a journey through the centuries, but also because of the beautiful views that are obtained from the terrace; the City Art Center; the Museum of Chilhood; or the Writer’s Museum and Makar’s Court.

Visit the Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament
If you find it interesting, you can also visit the Scottish Parliament for free. In addition, on the days when politicians meet, you can also attend as a public without having to pay anything.

See the city from its hills

Arthurs Seat
The views of the city from Edinburgh Castle are spectacular, but admission costs money. One way to get equally impressive views is by climbing one of the hills , such as Arthur’s Seat, Calton Hill or Blackford Hill.

A free tour

Sandemans New Europe
Also, you should know that in Edinburgh you can enjoy a free tour. Yes! Yes! As you are reading it! It is organized by the Sandemans New Europe company (they are also available in other cities in Europe), and to participate you will only have to sign up on their website and present yourself at the meeting point at the starting time. Although they will not force you to pay anything, they do expect to be given "the will" at the end of the tour. You decide what the guide deserves! Remember that for five pounds (it’s not free, I know) you can also enjoy the recommended tour on the mysteries of Edinburgh that we told you about last year.