Travel to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The United States is one of the most visited countries in the world, and there is no doubt that it has countless attractions in any of its states. Whatever you are looking for for your vacation, there are several places in that country that can offer it to you. One of the North American destinations that has been growing the most in recent years is Fort Lauderdale , especially since it is the port of departure and arrival for many cruise ships throughout the year.

This city is in the state of Florida , as are other very touristy and famous ones such as Miami or Orlando, which is an excellent opportunity to get to know the most important cities in that state. Fort Lauderdale is also known as "The Venice of America" thanks to its great canal system, which gives the city a lot of beauty and spectacularity.

The sea, very important

About 10 million visitors come to this city every year, its main attraction being its maritime zone since it has more than 100 marinas that house more than 40,000 boats, as well as very important shipyards in the area. The port area is spectacular, with all kinds of entertainment venues, beaches and more than 4,000 restaurants of all kinds to taste different cuisines.

Very touristy city

Although in Fort Lauderdale there are many attractions such as museums and interesting buildings, there is no doubt that the most touristy are its ports and its beaches. Several beaches where you can enjoy a paradise in the heart of the city, with crystal clear waters and all kinds of services so that on your vacation days you will not miss anything.