Ideal countries for tourism at Christmas

Most of us mortals have already finished or are about to end our summer holidays, but instead of getting depressed with going back to work, from Vuela Viajes we suggest that you start thinking about Christmas holidays. And is that if in the month of December you are lucky enough to have a few days of holidays, the best thing is that you escape from the daily routine to start the year with renewed batteries. In addition, spending the Christmas holidays outside your home is an experience that you should live even once in your life.

As you may have imagined, with our recommendation to experience Christmas away from home, we are not referring to traveling to town, but to crossing the border to discover different customs and traditions. Today we propose some countries where you will love to spend the most endearing parties of the year. Can you come with us?


Christmas in Finland
How could it be otherwise, the first country we want to propose to you is Finland, land of Santa Claus. Specifically, this endearing fat man with a white beard lives in the Lapland region. In Napapiiri , very close to Rovaniemi, the capital, you will find wooden houses painted red, its toy factory and even the post office where letters from all the children arrive. As if that were not enough, you can enjoy spectacular landscapes: snowy mountains, reindeer, sledges …


Christmas in australia
If you really want to spend a different Christmas then go to Australia, where the highest temperatures of the year are experienced in December and January. Therefore, you will have the possibility to experience the festivities sunbathing on the paradisiacal beaches of the country. Isn’t it the best way to forget about stress and your daily routine? In addition, you will discover the original Christmas traditions that are lived in Australia. In Sydney, for example, Christmas Eve is celebrated on the beach with barbecues, fireworks and partying until the wee hours of the morning.


Christmas in Norway
If the idea of ​​celebrating Christmas without cold does not convince you, you can also travel to Norway, where you will spend some really amazing parties. The first thing to keep in mind is that the weeks before Christmas the days are very short and dark. But beyond this, you should know that in the main cities of the country you can enjoy the traditional Christmas markets, as well as being able to attend concerts and activities typical of this time of year. In Bergen, for example, you will find a gingerbread village and a magical Christmas market , while the mining town of Røros and The Treggarden Christmas House in Drøbak will make you fall in love. And if you want to see the Northern Lights, then you will have to travel to Tromsø


Christmas United States
Another country where you can spend a magnificent Christmas vacation is in the United States, where you will enjoy eating turkey, making the typical snowmen and singing the Christmas carols that you are tired of seeing in series and movies. Without a doubt, New York is the best city to spend these holidays. And it is that in the Big Apple you can enjoy its famous skating rinks, its gigantic Christmas trees and the Santa Claus that you can find on every corner. In addition, on New Year’s Eve thousands of people gather in Times Square to celebrate the change of the year. Of course, any corner of the United States is ideal to spend these holidays: Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles …

Eager to spend the next Christmas away from home?