The most amazing Christmas trees in the world

If there is something that cannot be missing in the houses during this time of year it is a Christmas tree that invades everyone with the Christmas spirit. Of course, this Christmas symbol cannot be missing in the squares and in the most emblematic places on the planet.

Taking advantage of the fact that it is Christmas Eve, today at Vuela Viajes we are going to take a tour of some of the most impressive Christmas trees in the world, whether due to their size, their decoration or their originality. Would you like to join us?


First of all, we want to talk about the Madrid Christmas tree, which is 35 meters high. The curious thing about this tree is that Loterías y Apuestas del Estado has paid 100,000 euros this year for its sponsorship. In addition, he is the protagonist, along with Montserrat Caballé and Rafael, of the most talked about advertisement in recent times.


For impressive the tree of the city of Gubbio, in Italy, considered the largest in the world. This tree, which has been mounted since 1981, is 650 meters high by 350 meters wide and lights up the slope of Mount Ingino. The network of cables that forms this original tree exceeds eight kilometers.


Rio de Janeiro

We have also been impressed by the Christmas tree located in the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, considered the largest floating Christmas tree in the world. And it is that it has a height of 85 meters and 522 tons of weight, in addition to 3.3 million lights.


Also impressive is the Capitol Tree in Washington DC, which was first installed in 1964. It is 26 meters high and comes from the Colville National Forest .


The Dortmund Christmas tree, the largest in all of Germany and one of the largest in the world, could not be missing from this list. It is a 45-meter tall Norwegian spruce illuminated with 48,000 lights and 20 candles, each 2.5 meters tall.

Christmas-tree-Dortmund New York

We finished our review of the most impressive Christmas trees in the world with the one in Rockefeller Center in New York, a tradition that began in 1931, when the workers who built the complex planted a small Christmas tree on the ground. This year it is illuminated by more than 30,000 colored lights (LEDs) and is crowned by a Swarovski crystal star.