The worst habits of airline passengers

airplane habits
Do you travel by plane often? Then you will have already realized that there are many people who have no consideration for other passengers . What’s more, you may have some bad habits yourself that affect other passengers, even if you’ve never stopped to think about it. Therefore, it may be good for you to take a look at the list of bad habits when traveling by plane that annoy passengers the most. If you know them, you can do everything you can to avoid them.

This list has been prepared by London City Airport , which has conducted a search of 232 passengers to find out what are the things that irritate them the most when they go on board. How could it be otherwise taking into account the lack of space in the vast majority of current aircraft, the worst habit of passengers for those surveyed is to recline the seat, but there are 9 others that are worth knowing. We tell you about the 10 worst habits of passengers when traveling by plane below!

Recline the seat

As we have just mentioned, according to those surveyed, the worst habit of airline passengers is to recline the seat to the point that it is practically on the lap of the person behind. To be sure, much of the blame is on the design of today’s aircraft, where being comfortable is practically impossible.

airplane habits1

Support elbows

The fact of resting your elbows on the armrest without thinking that there is another person next to you is also related to the invasion of someone else’s space who, surely, also wants to do it. In this case, the design of the planes is also quite guilty.

To be rude

The third thing that irritates the respondents the most is that passengers are rude to the crew , something quite common. Surely on some occasion you have seen a traveler speak badly to a flight attendant.

Carry more hand luggage than the account

The fourth habit on the list that bothers you the most is carrying more carry-on luggage than is allowed. At first glance it may seem silly, but the truth is that this can cause another passenger to have to store their things in the hold.

airplane habits2

Talk loud

How could it be otherwise, on the list, specifically in fifth position, there is also the habit of speaking out loud. In fact, there are people who raise their voices so much that they prevent other passengers from being able to concentrate on their own thoughts.

Bad manners when getting off the plane

In fifth position we find bad manners when getting off the plane. And, as you well know, many people don’t care who or what is around them as long as they get out first.

Get up constantly

Another bad habit that annoys airplane passengers a lot is that of constantly getting up from the seat to get things from the overhead compartments.

Put your feet in the passenger space

We return again to the fact of invading the space of the companion next door. In this case, it is about putting your feet between the seats, which is undoubtedly quite uncomfortable for the passenger who is on the side.

Speak profanely

The ninth thing that bothers passengers the most is that the people who travel on the plane speak in a rude way without caring who is next to them, when on many occasions it can be a child who does not have to listen depending on what things.

airplane habits3

Hoard the window

Finally, passengers complain that some passengers hog the window without leaving room to look out of it.