The most beautiful landscapes in Japan

We travel to Japan to see some of its most beautiful and spectacular landscapes . We take a tour of the most special environments of the country to discover where to enjoy unique panoramic views. They tend to be, mainly, natural spaces where you want to get lost. In which it seems possible to disconnect completely. A real treat for the senses.


The giant torii over the sea is considered by the Japanese themselves as one of the three most beautiful landscapes in the country. It is a temple that emerges from the water in Hiroshima Bay. It has a floating torii that can be reached by walking at low tide. When the tide rises it looks like it is floating on the water.

Mount fuji

It is, without a doubt, another of the most beautiful and representative images of Japan . It is the highest peak in the country and can be seen from a fairly wide distance. Even if there is no pollution you can see it from Tokyo. This sacred mountain is a World Heritage Site.

Mount Fuji

The Golden Pavilion

It is called Kinkakuji, Golden Pavilion or Golden Pavilion and it is one of the most famous temples in Kyoto . Outstanding and iconic landscape of Japan. Its exterior walls are made with gold leaf and the image that it returns to us is spectacular. In 1994 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Cherry blossoms

Another natural spectacle of Japan that will remain in your retina is that of the cherry blossom landscapes. Flowering usually takes place in March and April and can be enjoyed from various parts of the country. The Japanese themselves dedicate a whole party to it and enjoy relaxing before its beauty. It is not for less.



This island was the first space in the country to be declared a World Heritage Site. It is a mountainous area with dense forests inhabited by cedars. It is circular in shape and the Yakushima and Yakushika monkeys live there. Forests, waterfalls and beaches complete this spectacular natural landscape.

Urban landscapes

Although we have seen natural landscapes so far, I am not forgetting the urban ones. Tokyo is one of them, the most impressive. Impressive buildings, streets, people … A city brimming with life that has been included among the safest in the world during this year 2017.

Bamboo forests

They do not allow the sunlight to pass through and they are an incomparable natural spectacle. The bamboo forests of Japan offer a beautiful landscape for the enjoyment of the senses. The Sagano forest invites you to stroll among its trails and enjoy this beauty. It is located near Mount Arashiyama and is included in the list of the 100 soundscapes of Japan, compiled by the Ministry of Environment of the country. And it is that in addition to seeing its green color and breathing its peace, you will hear the crackle of its tall green stems swayed by the wind. I said, all the senses at stake …


Happo Pond (Nagano)

Another of those considered as the most beautiful places in Japan is Happ’s Pond. You can get there by walking from Hakuba. It is surrounded by the homonymous peaks, more than 2,000 meters above sea level. When you get here you will enjoy some beautiful reflections of the mountains in the water. During the route you will see native plants and if the day is clear, you will even see Mount Fuji.

Senganen Garden (Kagoshima)

Kagoshima’s Senganen Garden was built in 1658. Here you will see carp ponds , bamboo groves, shrines, streams and various UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the Shuseikan Industrial Complex or the residence of Ijinkan aliens.