Get to know the Cathedral of El Salvador in Ávila

In Avila (Spain), is what is considered today the first Cathedral of the Spanish Gothic movement. Historians tell us how its construction began in the 11th century and lasted until the 15th century. The intervention of several architects in its construction resulted in the birth of a union of influences that, while maintaining its Gothic features, show transitional characteristics.

It is a beautiful Cathedral that enjoys international fame and one of the most visited monuments in the area. It is said that its French influence has always made it resemble the famous Basilica of Saint Denis which is considered the first Gothic cathedral in the world. The history of its construction is surrounded by mysteries. With the passage of time, different chapels were built. Berruguete was in charge of starting with the construction of the Main Altar .
The construction is part of the monumental complex of what is called the Old City of Avila, in Castilla y León . Avila is a beautiful city that also has a medieval wall. The city has a varied culture and a rich history thanks to the successive occupations it lived through long ago. Cultures such as Roman, Muslim, Visigoth, are part of it.

Although it is a great tourist place, it is not one of the most inhabited cultural cities in Spain. Its charm is centered on its appearance of a medieval city but without losing any of the modernity that nowadays any city offers to provide its visitors .