Hotels built in caves

There are many people who like to stay in original places when they travel, leaving aside the typical hotels to live a different experience. Today I would like to show you a few spectacular hotels that have one thing in common: they are built in caves , which undoubtedly makes them very original and different from any other hotel you have visited before.

Although the fact of being in a cave can give a feeling of claustrophobia, the truth is that they are built in a way that does not happen, so everything will be advantages. In these hotels you will enjoy a unique night in the depths of the ground.

Hotel Cuevas El Abanico

It is in Granada, in the Sacromonte neighborhood , and they are old caves that have been totally renovated and decorated in a rustic style. Its rooms are very comfortable and have the peculiarity that their temperature is constant throughout the year, regardless of what it is outside. The views from there are spectacular as they are to the Alhambra.

Hotel Gamirasu

This hotel is in the town of Urgup , in Turkey, and has 30 rooms. Formerly a Byzantine monastery, today it is a hotel with rustic style and basement rooms that retain their spiritual charm. The rooms are very large, fresh and romantic, perfect for a trip as a couple.

Le Grotte della Civita

It is in the city of Matera and is built in limestone , with accesses connected through narrow cobbled streets. All the rooms are underground and are decorated in detail, respecting as much as possible the old structure.

Les Hautes Roches

It is in Rochecorbon , in France, and was formerly a monastery. It is on the banks of the Loire, and 12 of its 15 rooms are in caves. It is a small, classic-style and very elegant hotel with very interesting things on the outside, such as a terrace, swimming pool or a restaurant.

Alexanders Hotel

It is in Oia , a picturesque town on the Greek island of Santorini. It is a traditional Greek cave house that has been totally renovated and is now modern in appearance. The sunsets that can be enjoyed from there are some of the most beautiful on the island.