Islands of France

I have to say that I love islands and I love writing about them, it must be because I live on one, although sometimes it is a bit overwhelming to be honest. The fact is that as a vacation destination an island is always a great choice, especially if what you want is to rest and relax on a beach during all your vacations, although of course you can do much more than that on an island. In France there are a lot of interesting islands that can become your private paradise, so I bring you a few so you can see the options you have if you like the neighboring country and want to spend your holidays there:

Ile des Embiez : It is off the coast of Provence and was acquired in 1958 by Paul Ricard, a very environmentally friendly beverage magnate who greatly controlled its tourism development, limiting the constructions so that they were all on the same site and not It will visually or environmentally spoil the whole set. Thanks to that, most of the island is still in the wild with plenty of pine forests, spectacular coves, streams, meadows and various vineyards.

Ile de Port-Cros : It faces the famous Côte d’Azur and has spectacular marine life. Snorkelling there is quite an adventure since you can see a lot of flora and fauna in fantastic crystal clear waters. Cars and even bicycles are forbidden on this island, as there are no roads. The islanders cannot even smoke so as not to spoil the environment and the sand cannot be removed so that the beaches remain pristine.
Ile de Batz : Here they take life very calmly and the farmers use horses instead of tractors and the residents bicycles instead of cars. It has spectacular botanical gardens thanks to the island’s Mediterranean microclimate. There is only one souvenir shop on the entire island but there are several restaurants and beaches, many beaches, surrounded by rocks and with beautiful coves to spend a day in privacy.

Belle-Ile : It is one of the largest islands in the country and the families of the highest French social classes come to spend their holidays there. Its shops and restaurants are very cosmopolitan, it is like Paris but in miniature and on an island. It is very beautiful but if you want total tranquility I recommend that you choose a more modest one.

Ile d’Oleron : It is the largest French island, with the exception of Corsica, and is very famous for its oyster beds and its salt marshes. Spectacular white sand beaches surrounded by pine and oak trees, many of them ideal for surfing as they have strong waves. There are many perfect bike routes to get to know the best areas of the island.