Monsanto Forest Park in Lisbon

Now that summer has arrived, a large part of the population is already finalizing the details for the holidays and thus being able to enjoy a perfect rest period and with everything well organized. With this crisis, surely many people have to look for nearby destinations so as not to spend a lot of money but still be able to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

In that sense, Portugal is the perfect destination since it is a country that has a lot to offer and that is undoubtedly worth discovering, although you should not go only because you have a small budget but also because you want to know it. Among the many places you can visit is the Monsanto Forest Park , a spectacular natural space that is the largest in Lisbon and is considered the lung of the city.

It has an area of ​​about 10 square kilometers and is the perfect place to take a break from the big city and breathe fresh air. In it you can find a spectacular place where not only nature is the protagonist but it is also one of the most important leisure centers in the city where there is an important sports infrastructure to practice various sports and outdoor activities.

When summer arrives, the Monsanto Forest Park becomes the epicenter of leisure in the city of Lisbon since there are a lot of exhibitions, concerts , plays or fairs, so there is always something to see and something with what to enjoy while you take a quiet walk. In addition, from there you can enjoy exceptional views of other places such as the Tagus River , the Atlantic Ocean or some of the surrounding towns.

As for nature itself, there is an interesting mix of ecosystems that has been achieved thanks to the arrival of new species since its creation in 1930. Within it you find several independent parks, such as the Ecological Park or the Municipal campsite, in addition to 3 theme parks, picnic areas and plenty of space for the little ones to play for hours.