Pagoeta Natural Park in Gipúzkoa

The Pagoeta Natural Park is in Gipúzkoa, specifically in 3 of its municipalities: Aia , Zarautz and Zestoa, all of them of great beauty and that are also worth visiting. It covers an area of ​​almost 2,900 hectares and is named after Mount Pagoeta, which is 678 meters above sea level. In the northern part are the Oria river and the Laurgain neighborhood, and to the south the slopes of the Altzola neighborhood, which go to the Altzolaras river ravine.

A perfect place to spend a day in contact with nature and in a unique rural setting. There is also the Caserío Iturraran , in which there are several exhibitions on the Physical Environment of Pagoeta and the Human Footprint that remains in it. Very close to this center is the Didactic Apiary, where many bees and the inside of their hives can be seen very closely. There is also the Botanical Garden, in which there are more than 1,000 species of trees, plants and shrubs.

In the Monte Pagoeta area there are two other hamlets, one of them works as an Environmental School and the other as a residence for school groups. In addition, the entire park has a large number of infrastructures so that your visit is totally comfortable and you can enjoy it to the fullest. There are trails , parking lots, leisure areas, accommodation and much more.

Among the tree species that you can find are heather , ferns, argomas, Elutz-aundi, hawthorn, hazelnuts, holly, maples, elms, willows, linden or ash trees. As for the animal species, mammals such as wild boar, fox, wild cat, badger, squirrels or dormouse stand out, as well as birds such as the honey buzzard, the common buzzard or the pale harrier.