The beach of the Twelve Apostles in Australia

One of the countries with the most spectacular beaches is Australia , which has hundreds of beaches that form impressive landscapes. Today I would like to write about one of them, the so-called Beach of the Twelve Apostles and which is part of a National Park that used to be called Port Campbell but which was changed some time ago to “The Twelve Apostles”.

This place is in the state of Victoria , in the southeast of the country, specifically between the cities of Port Campbell and Princetown, It is one of the favorite destinations of all tourists who visit the area, many of them going there on purpose to admire all the majesty of its landscape, in which there are rock formations of great beauty. Those rock formations are close to the coast, where there are also many cliffs. Without a doubt a spectacular landscape.

The most beautiful thing about this beach is that the continuous erosion of the waves causes small caves to form that are isolated from the coast. Tourism in that area has grown dramatically in recent years, and in 2000 they opened a tourist office next to the road that gives access to be able to inform all tourists well.

At the tourist office you can also hire a small helicopter tour to see the entire park from above, something highly recommended. The Twelve Apostles are in continuous erosion, which is of great concern to the local government since the rocks that are formed take away a lot of ground from the natural area and little by little rocks are accumulating, but without a doubt there are still many years to continue enjoying one of the most spectacular beaches in the world.