The best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in New York

Fortunately for those who have decided to move away from meat and fish, in most major cities there is a wide range of vegan and vegetarian restaurants where it is possible to taste delicious dishes. New York, how could it be otherwise, is by no means an exception. In the Big Apple there are gastronomic proposals as interesting as the ones I have compiled in this article. Do you want to know them?

Butcher’s Daughter

The name already promises. In " La Hija del Carnicero ", which by the way is a restaurant chain, vegetarian food is the main protagonist. One of their specialties is the black bean and veggie burger with cashew cheddar cheese. Sounds good right? Well, you know that you can accompany it with a Caesar salad of kale and almond parmesan that has a challenging spicy touch. In Manhattan they have a couple of stores, but they are also present in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) and even in Los Angeles.

Buddha Bodai

There is no one who speaks ill of this restaurant that we can not only classify as vegan, but we can also label it as Chinese or Asian. Rice rolls with spinach, vegan duck casserole, vegetarian roast pork buns … Since July 2018 they have stopped adding eggs to their dishes and they are doing just as well or better. Mind you, don’t be confused with another Buddha Bodai that opened its doors in 2015 a short distance from the pioneer, which the locals now know as The Original Buddha Bodai .

Orchard grocer

It owes its name to the street it is located on (Orchard Street), while its reputation is due to vegan cheese, bagel sandwiches or prepared food that anyone can take home when they don’t feel like cooking. It has been open since February 2017 and everything seems to indicate that it is one of those places that have no problems surviving in a city where competition is fierce in any segment.

Delice & Sarrasin

If you are looking for a vegan restaurant and you don’t want to stop savoring the best dishes of European cuisine, your choice should be Delice & Sarrasin. It is on Christopher Street (Manhattan West Village) and they have conquered their neighbors since they opened their doors in 2016. In January 2017 they decided to take the step of becoming a completely vegan restaurant in which both sweet and savory crepes shine. especially if they come from French cuisine .


In this cafe it is very easy to feel comfortable. It is decorated with works of art and its organic food is the best there is in New York. In addition, in winter you can warm up thanks to the fireplace in the premises. Your best dishes? The homemade burgers and the vegetarian lasagna . If you want to drink, you can ask for water or a beer, but I recommend you try both the natural juices and the fruit smoothies. You will find them in Manhattan (292 Elizabeth Street).

Beyond Sushi

Fan of sushi for vegetarians? At Beyond Sushi they put the red carpet for you so that you don’t want to sink your teeth into the sushi rolls that appeal to you the most. Obviously, these are wrapped in rice paper. You can also order a rice salad, a soup and any other dish of Japanese cuisine that does not involve biting into meat or fish. Address? 62 West 56th.

The Cinnamon Snail

We finish this compilation of vegetarian and vegan restaurants talking about a place that Americans are proud of (those who can live without a piece of meat, of course). In Pennsylvania Plaza they eat many hamburgers and many sandwiches, but in this case the raw material has nothing to do with what is used in McDonald’s. It is an oasis for vegans.

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