Things to see in Piraeus

Piraeus is a Greek city with a rich history. Located in Attica, southwest of Athens, it has served as a port for Athens, which is why it has always been full of travelers moving from one place to another. The city is very well connected, so if you are in a hurry and cannot wait for a boat to arrive to leave, you can take a taxi directly from the pier . But be careful with the traffic, drivers tend not to brake too hard. If you decide to visit this beautiful city, take note of some things you can do:

– Marina Zea
Zea, also called Pasalimani, is the area where the most fantastic yachts you can imagine are. They are in the area of ​​the marina which is one of the largest in Europe. There are plenty of restaurants, shops, and taverns along the coast. Sit on a terrace and enjoy the views.

– Hellenic Maritime Museum
This nautical and naval museum has different exhibits showing ancient and modern Greek-built ships. You will also be able to see paintings, ship models, flags, maps, and all the equipment that is used on a ship. The strangest objects are the models of ships made by prisoners carved from bone.

– Archeological Museum
Here you will find countless statues. You should not miss the funerary monument of Apollo, Athena and Artemis.

– Visit to the stadium
Olympiakos are one of the best teams in Greece and have won many championships. Their stadium, the Karaiskaki, was rebuilt in 2004 to be used for the Olympic Games and is decorated in the team’s colors, red and white.