Travel the world with your bicycle

A man has made a journey of more than 45,000 km. (28,000 miles) through 37 countries, with your bicycle and with just over one euro in your pocket. Keiichi Iwasaki , 36, left his home in Japan for a bike ride. That day he had so much fun that the next day he decided to go to the port where he took the ferry to South Korea. This was 8 years ago.

Since then he has traveled the world on his South Korea bike, and since then he has traveled the world on his Raleigh Shopper bike. During these 8 years of travel, he has gone through unique situations: he has been robbed by pirates, detained in India, almost died when he was attacked by a mad dog in Tibet and almost got married in Nepal. He has also dared to climb Everest and take a bath in the Ganges River (India).

Mr. Iwasaki from Maebashi explained that he has managed to finance the entire trip by performing magic tricks on the street. He has also commented that he decided not to use other means of transport in order to feel his entire trip much more intensely. He is currently in Switzerland waiting to climb the highest peak in Europe, Mont Blanc .

Due to the success of his adventure, he is also organizing trips through Africa and the two Americas, before returning to Japan. When he returns he will write a book recounting all the details of his long journey. We assume that he will take a few days of vacation .