10 traveler quotes you should always remember

Traveling is a real pleasure, one of the most appreciated by most people. In the past there were not as many opportunities as now, but the traveling spirit is something that is not only born with, but also forges over the years based on learning about new cultures.

In this article I want to share a series of travel quotes that I think we should all keep in mind. Surely you agree with all of them. Shall we start?

10 travel quotes that inspire

1- We do not remember days, we remember moments. How many images do you have recorded in your mind? Surely many, and some of them totally unexpected.

2- A journey of a thousand leagues begins with a first step. What does that mean? Well, you have to enjoy traveling from the moment you leave home.

world map
3- Every adventure begins with a "yes." You don’t have to be the most adventurous in the world, but you have to say "I do" to discover a new world.

4- Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport. Truth of the good, since no one will tell you so many things.

Waiting in the airport
5- One destination, a thousand plans. It is not necessary to go on a route through a country to enjoy a super complete vacation. In all destinations there are many things to do.

6- With you is my favorite destination. The experiences, if they are shared, better than better.

7- Traveling is not reaching a place, it is opening a path. Traveling opens many doors for you, so never hesitate. Pack your suitcase and jump in.

8- Sometimes, you have to lose yourself to find yourself. There are people who travel alone for a good reason: to know yourself better. It is an experience that can be highly recommended for those who feel that they are not quite happy.

9- Like everything that matters in life, a great trip is a work of art. You have to taste the trip, live each moment with great passion.

10- To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong in their ideas about other countries. Traveling allows you to open your mind, meeting towns and people who have a lot to contribute to your life.