7 things to do while waiting at an airport

Who likes to be in an airport waiting because of a delayed flight? To nobody! However, you can make that wait shorter by taking it easy and trying to avoid what sometimes seems unavoidable: looking at your watch.

In this article I am going to mention some of the plans that may be within your reach. Some are pretty obvious, but others not so obvious, so take note.

Go shopping

There are those who take advantage of the delays to treat themselves to the odd whim. A cologne, clothes, souvenirs … Any excuse is good to take a tour of the Duty Free at an airport. Of course, keep in mind that not all airports are equally prepared. There are those with very little supply, and there are also those that even offer gold bars for sale, as is the case in Dubai. You can tell that there is money there …


It is nothing new that eating kills boredom . In addition, it is also a good resource in case of nerves, so it is likely that you will end up in a cafeteria enjoying an ice cream while your flight is still in the air, and not literally.

Practice sports

The most athletic do not have to wait sitting down. They can move their body practicing sports of all kinds, although here you also have to look at the airport in question. In Munich, for example, there is a kind of wave that puts surfers’ talents to the test, while in Hong Kong you can go ice skating and in Doha you can swim in a pool. A more relaxed plan is the one proposed in San Francisco, where you can practice yoga to expel nerves, leaving your mind blank.

Relax and make yourself beautiful

It is not what you are thinking about when you go to an airport, but the truth is that in some you can go to the hairdresser, get your nails done or enjoy a massage (at the Singapore airport there are free massage chairs). In Helsinki, they also have swimming pools and even a sauna, while in Tokyo what they offer is a bar of pure oxygen with the fragrance you want, since apparently it helps combat the effects of jet lag.

To sleep

This is the plan that one usually resorts to when the delay has occurred at night and you know it will go a long way. Either you take a nap or you die of boredom. Of course, you have to set an alarm, since otherwise we run the risk of falling asleep when the boarding gate closes.

To converse

If you have energy and are traveling with someone, the best thing you can do is share anecdotes with that person or those people who have also been affected by the delay. It is likely that there will come a point where you do not know what to say, so talking, unless you are one of those who roll like a blind, is not a plan that usually works for hours on end.

Enjoy the airport

As you have seen, airports offer all kinds of experiences that often take us by surprise. In addition, there are also temporary exhibitions, as in Heathrow (London), and even an IMAX 4D cinema like the one in Hong Kong. It is a question of being patient and taking it with philosophy to take advantage of a delay that does not have to be a waste of time, do not you think?

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