A breathtaking viewpoint in Chicago

Tilt Chicago0
Just a few days ago, a new viewpoint was inaugurated in Chicago, United States, which could perfectly be among the most spectacular viewpoints in the world.

Located in the 360 ​​Chicago building (until now its official name was John Hancock Observatory), the Tilt lookout consists of a glass and steel platform on the 94th floor (at more than 300 meters high) that admits up to eight visitors per shift. However, the height is not what makes it special. Do you want to discover what is extraordinary about this spectacular viewpoint? Well, watch out!

A unique way to contemplate the skyline

The ‘epic’, as the owners of Tilt themselves claim, is that once visitors are safely positioned inside, the platform slowly tilts outward at an angle of about 30 degrees, a way of gazing at the view. unique skyline so far. Or have you ever been able to hang over the void?

Tilt Chicago1

A pioneering city in architecture

As Nichole Williamson, General Manager of 360 Chicago, stated at the opening of Tilt, Chicago has always been a "pioneering city in architecture, cradle of skyscrapers, territory of innovative architecture." Thus, Tilt continues to promote "that tradition."

5 dollars to experience a unique sensation

To be able to experience sensations such as amazement, vertigo, emotion or the impression of being hung over the void at 300 meters, you will have to pay 5 dollars. If you are a lover of heights, it is sure worth it, as it will be to climb the glass viewpoint located more than 4,000 meters high in the Alps or the Sydney Tower.

Then we leave you with a video that explains the mechanism of this spectacular viewpoint. Do not miss it!